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Ugolf academy By Thomas Johansson

Do you want to learn how to play golf?

Do you want to improve your handicap?

Are you looking to maximize your favorite sport?

All that and much more it´s possible at the Ugolf Academy with the help of Thomas Johansson. Below, you will find some information about his training methods and his own style.

Ugolf Academy Hacienda del Alamo

An academy with high technology, with two swing studies totally equipment. In our principal Academy, allocated in the Centre of the Region of Murcia, we use the latest technology to execute proves to measure your improvement. As well as you can join our latest fitting studies.

Emphasize that Hacienda del Alamo has a golf course academy with 6 holes that you can use for free during your academy classes.

Find out more at
Thomas Johansson
(+34) 619 680 165

Mar Menor Golf Resort Academy

The famous golf Course in Mar Menor is the choice of many players and elite federations. We have with a full par 4, converted to a short area of the academy and various international professionals has come to helped them to reach their NXT LVL.

Come, play, and learn in our most popular program, we offer also, family classes, groups and individuals for everyone wants to join golf.

Marina Golf Mojacar Academy

n Almería (Andalucía), based next to Mojacar´ s beaches, you will find our secret gem. This golf course, a short round and with an incredible view, it´s suitable and enjoyable for all players, especially for beginners.

Combine your learning, with culture, excellent food, and extensive beaches. Academy´s facilities include a 4-hole golf course and a driving range with sea view.

Find out more at
Martín D’Archivio
(+34) 635 446 460

We measure your improvement to reach to “NXT LVL”

Golf Academy Leader in Spain and France

Ugolf Academy has over 100 academies all over the world and Thomas Johansson, is one of the best golf professionals in Spain, he has merge to build up a leader academy in Spain with the aim of encourage golf in Spain


We are founders of the concept NXT LSL, also used by the Norway Federation Golf. It´s based on find your actual condition, set a goal, and make a plan to reach it. Those basic principles of growing are present during our coaching. Each student measures their own improvement to reach their personal NXT LVL.

Learn on the golf course

Our young programs and beginners are design so that you can go to the golf course as soon as possible. There is nothing better to learn the game on the golf course and that’s why include golf course in our learning program. Everyone is welcome!


Our academy has a charity program to help our local communities. We have a lot of experience on helping students with disabilities and difficulties on the learning that has become a few medals on the Paralympics Games. We also helped Paul Appleyard to become twice world champion of blind people!

Our 3 missions

Junior players

Sports in general and golf, allows the smaller children to learn and develop very important values on their lives. Since Ugolf academy, we are compromised to promote the development of the junior players in Spain.


Golf is a fun and healthy lifestyle, that’s why we offer golf with accessible programs for everyone to be able to enjoy anyone who wants to come and visit, practicing this wonderful sport. We strive every day to contribute with the golf expansion in Spain.

Solidarity program

We have some solidarity programs in our academy, we also want to stablish values and inspire to other academies that want to join on solidarity programs. Golf allows to enjoy those wonderful moments in life and now,

this is the moment to help!

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