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Experience the world’s best golf at the UGOLF Academy, through the guidance of the renowned Thomas Johansson. If you are looking to learn to play golf with precision and skill, or to improve your handicap, the academy can help you.

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UGOLFAcademy Hacienda del Alamo

At this academy, you’ll have at your disposal two study areas equipped with state-of-the-art technology to improve your technique. 

Our main Academy, located in the heart of the Region of Murcia, uses the latest technology to measure your progress. 

In addition, you will have free access to a 6-hole course for practice during your lessons.

Hacienda del Alamo also has an academy course with 6 holes that you can use for free during your academy classes.

Find out more at
Thomas Johansson
(+34) 619 680 165

Mar Menor Golf Resort Academy

The Mar Menor Golf Resort Academy is the renowned choice of both golf enthusiasts and elite federations. Experience the best golfing moments on our full par 4 hole, transformed into a short game area for our academy. 

Our team of international professionals will guide you on your journey to achieve your NXT LVL. We cater for families, groups and individuals, so that everyone can learn and enjoy the sport.

Marina Golf Mojacar Academy

In Almería (Andalusia), based next to the beaches of Mojacar, you will find our hidden gem. This golf course, which is quite short and with incredible views, is suitable and enjoyable for all players, especially for beginners.

The Academy´s facilities also include a 4-hole golf course and a driving range with a magnificent sea view. Enhance your learning experience with the wonderful local gastronomy and by taking a relaxing stroll at the beach.

Find out more at
Martín D’Archivio
(+34) 635 446 460

We measure your improvement to reach the “NXT LVL”

Leading golf academy in Spain and France

UGOLF Academy has more than 100 academies around the world. In partnership with Thomas Johansson, one of Spain’s top golf professionals, we have created a leading academy with a single aim: to encourage the passion for golf.


The NXT LVL concept, founded by us and also used by the Norwegian Golf Federation, is based on identifying your current situation, setting goals and developing a plan to achieve them. These fundamental principles of growth are integrated into our teaching approach, allowing each student to measure their own personal improvement in order to reach their NXT LVL.

Learn on the golf course

Our junior and beginner golf programmes are designed to get you on the golf course as quickly as possible. There is no better way to learn the game than on the course, that’s why we include the golf course in our learning programme. Everyone is welcome!

We cooperate to make a difference

At our academy, we also have a charity programme to help our local communities. We have extensive experience in supporting students with disabilities and learning difficulties, some of whom have won medals at the Paralympic Games. We have also had the honour of helping Paul Appleyard become world blind golf champion twice.

Our 3 missions

Junior Players: Nurturing Tomorrow's Champions

At UGOLF Academy, we firmly believe that sports, especially golf, play a crucial role in instilling essential values in young minds. Our primary mission is to promote the development of junior players in Spain. We provide a nurturing environment where young golfers can learn, grow, and thrive. 

Beginners: Embracing Fun and Healthy Living

Golf is more than just a sport; it’s a rewarding and wholesome way of life. At UGOLF Academy, we understand the importance of fostering a love for the game from the very beginning. Our beginner-friendly programs welcome individuals of all ages and abilities to explore the wonders of golf. 

Solidarity Program: Golf with a Purpose

Giving back to the community is at the heart of our academy. We are proud to run various solidarity programs that make a positive impact on society. Golf provides us with countless moments of joy, and now, it’s the perfect time to share that joy with those in need. 

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